Schools/arts organisation




I am writing to you personally to let you know that Birmingham City Council is planning to cut all the central education services and for these to be outsourced as “private companies” called Cooperative/Trusts.


These services include:


Music Service                                                 Outdoor Learning Service

Services for SEN children                              Early Years’ Teacher Support

Behaviour Support Service                            Birmingham Advisory and Support Service

Education Action Zones                                  City Learning Centres

Support for supplementary schools                School and Governor Support

Health Education Service                               Catering and cleaning

Family Learning Service                                 International Office (school exchange)


All of these services help to make a difference to the lives of children and young people and support school improvement.


I feel very concerned that once these services are “outsourced” that they will either close or become only available to those schools/children that can afford it.  I have joined a campaign with other colleagues, supported by all the main unions, to express our concerns that these services will be seriously damaged.


Could you please sign the petition and ask colleagues, parents, families and friends to sign it too to challenge the proposed cuts.  Do also look out for other “CROSS” Campaign to Retain our School Services actions.


Thank you so much for your support, I do appreciate it.  It is really important that we make our voices heard to challenge these decisions.



Enclosed Petition and Xmas Card

for all those interested in making sure Birmingham's children have access to the school services they are or should be entitled to