Sample letter to MPs




I write to express my deep concern about the proposed cuts to public services in Birmingham and around the country.


I have just learnt that Birmingham City Council is proposing to cut all its central Education Services which includes:


The Music Service                                          Arts Education

Advisory Support to Schools                          Health Education

Governors and School Support                      Outdoor Education

Schools Catering and Cleaning Services       Early Years Teacher Support

Services for Special Needs Children             Behaviour Support Services


These services are currently available to all Birmingham schools and centres, they make a real difference to children and young people’s lives and contribute significantly to school improvement. Birmingham has been acknowledged nationally as the highest achieving metropolitan local authority for education with strong and valued partnerships between schools and the local authority.


For the first time in my life I feel so concerned that I have joined the campaign, CROSS, Campaign to Retain our School Services.


I have never written to an MP before or been on a protest march, but I do feel so “cross” that I have decided that I must do something to protest against these cuts.


I implore you to listen to all the voices raised against these planned cuts; there is still time to make sure that these services are not lost or privatised and other ways of solving the financial difficulties.

for all those interested in making sure Birmingham's children have access to the school services they are or should be entitled to